80 Of The Best Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are growing at a rapid pace. There’s more and more every day, but what are the best blockchain games?

Games On A Blockchain?

Have you ever wondered about what it’ll be like to truly own an in-game item and be able to freely trade with other players?

Blockchain games are a combination of normal games and the ability to permanently own the in-game items and since it’s on the blockchain, this allows gamers to truly own the asset and potentially earn money.

Imagine being able to sell those rare drops in World of Warcraft easily for real money, or even items like CSGO skins without being restricted by Valve.

These games are growing at a massive pace and will continue to see huge expansions as it enters more mainstream adoption.

Here are our top 80 blockchain games right now!

The Sandbox

The ultimate voxel blockchain game allows players and developers to create their dreams and monetize their work! Developers can create games and sell it. Players can play games and earn money.


The goal is to make a completely decentralized world where players can freely buy and sell land. Players can build whatever they desire on the land they own within Decentraland.


One of the first popular NFT (Non-fungible Token) games where it infamously clogged up Ethereum in 2017! Players are able to breed their own unique cryptokitty where they can sell rare and unique ones for a high price.

Axie Infinity

Inspired by Pokemon, Axie Infinity allows players to breed, battle and train their own unique Axie.

Neon District

A turn based RPG with a cyberpunk theme where players battle to progress through a sci-fi dystopia.

Infinite Fleet

This space MMO allows players to command their own starships to battle aliens. There will also be a co-op mode where you can team up with friends to dominate the galaxy. The game also has investments from big names in the industry such as Adam Back and Charlie Lee.

The Six Dragons

Built on the Enjin platform, this is a MMORPG which allows players to explore, farm, fight and progress their characters.

Gods Unchained

If you’ve ever played hearthstone or similar card games, this is the game for you. Imagine hearthstone but you can own and sell your cards!


A mix of the sims and becoming your own real estate mogul, MCP3D allows you to buy land and develop on it. Runs on Tron and ETH blockchain.

Age Of Rust

Age of Rust is a puzzle adventure game where players need to solve puzzles and gain rewards. It’s a bit different to traditional games because you’ll need actual crypto to solve the puzzles, but of course, the rewards will be worth it.

Battle Racers

A game within a game, built in Decentraland, placers can race each other and collect cars to win crypto NFT’s.

War of Crypta

Similar to Pokemon Tournament, players battle other players in real time. Characters has different evolution tiers and are backed by Enjin.

My Neighbour Alice

Recently launched, this game is a multiplayer builder game where players can buy and sell land. Inspired by animal crossing, My Neighbour Alice is a gameplay experience for everyone to enjoy.

Spells of Genesis

A collectable card game with puzzles within. Can be played on a mobile device or simply through your browser.


A 3d world where players can walk around and explore land and property.


IQeon is a platform of games where players have a multitude of browser based games to enjoy. They can also fight other players too with the IQN token.

Dark Country

A collectible card game based on the Ethereum, EOS and Tron blockchains. Dark Country has a gothic horror setting with it’s public beta live.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a VR platform built to become a fully decentralized VR world. The game started with selling 500 tokenized land and today it has fully sold all land within.

9 Lives Arena

A 1v1 PVP arena where players only have 9 lives when they are in ranked games. If all 9 lives are lost then the character can not respawn and the player will not be able to play it anymore.

This game is still not a finished game but it has gained a lot of popularity within the Enjin community.


From Horizon Games, Skyweaver is currently running on the testnet of Ethereum. This is a collectible card game with several unique mechanics compared to other card games on the market.

Lost Relics

Currently in pre-alpha release, this dungeon crawler, pve diablo combat style allows players to loot the dungeon treasures which players can turn it back into Enjin Coin as profit.


A unique collectible card game where the mechanics of the game are not similar to anything in the CCG genre right now. The game is built on the HIVE blockchain and you can play it right now.


Essentially Pokemon on the ethereum blockchain, but Ethermon allows you to sell your ethermons for real cash.

Ember Sword

Developed by So Couch Studios, Ember Sword is an ambitious MMORPG set to be released in 2022. It features a classless system where players can switch spells and abilities on the fly.

Mines of Dalarnia

A 2d platformer where the player mines resources on a distant planet. As you mine more and more, you can upgrade your equipment and oxygen – which can get you more time to mine. Players are able to trade equipment updates, land ownership and more.

Crypto Space Commander

If you’re a fan of Eve online, then Crypto Space Commander might be familiar. It’s a space MMO where you can upgrade your starship in various different ways. CSC features a player economy like Eve but there is no experience progression in this game.


A FPS horror game with RPG elements with the game set in a dystopian future where AI has become a threat and humans are eradicating them.

Brave Frontier Heroes

If you are familiar with idle mobile games, then this should not come as a surprise. Similar to many of those mobile games, Brave Frontier Heroes has an anime artstyle where you can earn and obtain units and sell it for ETH.

Blockchain Cuties

Similar to CryptoKitties or Axie Infinity, you can breed monsters called Cuties and also send them on adventures where you fight another opponent.


From the DeFi lending platform AAVE, this is an interesting mix of DeFi + NFT’s. Players can acquire an Aavegotchi and interact with it to increase it’s score.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game where players need to mine resources on the WAX blockchain. Developers are looking to also allow players to battle each other on the roadmap.

Alpaca City

Imagine yield farming fused with CryptoKittles… well that’s Alpaca City! You can breed and collect Alpaca’s and holding them will get you some ALPA yield. This is available on both Eth and Binance Smart Chain.

Crusader’s Dynasty

A medieval and fantasy mix battle royale where players can engage in different game modes such as capture the flag and kill bosses to find loot. This game is on the Phantasma Blockchain.


An interesting take where players battle each other with guns. The unique spin is that you can earn bitcoin if you shoot other players. But if you get shot, you’ll lose bitcoin.


An ambitious MMO where players have total ownership over towns. Players will be entering dungeons to fight off evil from the town.


A fantasy football team collectible card game where players create teams of 5 players. That team will then earn points depending on the performance of the real life player counterpart.

Synergy of Serra

An up and coming collectible card game where they have their own unique spin on the genre. It merges normal CCG’s with Deckbuilder card games.


Upland allows players to buy and sell land within its ecosystem.


A real time economy driven strategy game which allows players to build armies and mining facilities. It is multidimensional as players can ally or betray other players for their own game.

Hash Rush

VZ games’s Hash Rush is a game where you need to farm gold, build towers and craft items to defend against the Crystal Scourge.

Kick Off! Evolution

Another Atari partnership in the blockchain gaming space – but this time, they are rebooting the old Kick Off! And adding the Enjin ecosystem within it.

Blankos Block Party

Similar to Fall Guys, Blankos Block Party features a world where players can team up or vs other players in mini games. You can then earn ‘Blankos’ for you to keep or sell.


Chainmonsters plays exactly like pokemon but with a different spin. They are adding multiplayer and turning it into a MMORPG.

Bratz Lookz

On the Wax Blockchain, Bratz Lookz is a collectible Bratz game where players can get their favourite dolls, outfits and also create their very own Bratz.

22 Racing Series

A real time racing game where they use realistic physics simulation on the cars. Players can customize and build their ideal car to win races!


Launched in 2018, Mythereum is a card game where the goal is to keep your characters alive. Players start off with free edition cards – which then can withdraw to their Ethereum wallets after they complete 100 battles.

EOS Knight

EOS Knight is a mobile game built on the EOS blockchain where all actions are run by smart contracts.


Do you want to create spaceships, colonize other planets are more in the universe? Well, OxUniverse is a browser based game where you can visit different planets to do such that.

Crypto Dozer

A literal coin pusher where you see in the arcades, but now you’re pushing cookies instead! When you win prizes, you will be able to trade it back into ETH.

Crypto Assault

A battle game where you can buy tanks, helicopters and other military units and battle with other players in a huge 3D world. Get rewards when you win against others!

MLB Crypto Baseball

A fantasy Baseball game where the NFT are tied to the performance of real MLB games. The better they perform, the more you can earn.


If you’re a fan of horseracing, then ZED might be for you. In this game, you can breed your perfect horse to win these races. Buy and sell them though the auction house as well.


In Lordless, you can become a Tavern master and own your own tavern. Complete quests to earn rewards and also visit other people’s taverns.

Ethernity Chain

An art platform based on the Ethereum blockchain where they hold launches and auctions for pieces. Famous people in the space have embraced it – the likes of Winklevoss twins and other artists.

AnRKey X

A retro like arcade platform where players can stake their NFT’s to battle against other players.

World of Ether

In this world, you collect ‘Etherians’ which are powerful and mysterious creatures. Players can breed them and use them in battle.

Epic Dragons

A browser based turn based game like Adventure Quest where the player will fight monsters. But the main monster revolves around a dragon which players take down to earn TRX.


Based on the Tron Blockchain, this is an idle game where players can be rewarded by generating more Goo.

Zombie Battleground

This is a CCG where you can earn heaps of loot!

Evolution Land

This is a virtual simulation where you develop your land. You can hire other people to make the land how you wish to be.

Cryptic Conjure

The goal of Crypto Conjure is to craft and discover the most powerful spells for you or others. But you’ll need a Runic Altar to craft it.


A take on the classic Bomberman, Tronman is a multiplayer browser based game where you can earn TRX tokens if you the match.

War Riders

Do you want to blow up cars? Well now you can and earn crypto while doing it!


Start out as a small time investor of property and make up your up to become a real estate mogul.


XPet is a game where players battle other pets.

Flappy Bird

A 1 for 1 clone of the original Flappy Bird but this version allows players to win Eos and Tron tokens if you beat a AI bird.


A PVP game similar to Agario where you become the biggest player. There is a ranked mode where if you do win, you can win TRX.


A Chinese based mobile game on the EOS blockchain features a variety of mini games.

EOS Tower

In this tower, you compete with another player and if you win, then you’ll take some of their entry fee as profit.

Tron Kingdom

A turn based multiplayer game where you rule a kingdom. Battle against 4 other kingdoms and destroy then.


A tamagotchi game on the EOS blockchain where players take care of their pets. The game uses unreal engine to also allow players to do fights with the pets.

My Crypto Heroes

An RPG where you collect and train different heroes of the pack to find epic gear and equip on them.

Planet Crypto

Grab any piece of land from the real world! Then build on it and batter other players.


Race against 4 other players to win the pot of gold at the end!

Plasma Dog

Inspired by the Mario games, Plasma Dog is built on OmiseGo.


In this game, you make a bet to see which guinea pig wins the race.

Tron MineWars

A mining simulator where you upgrade your virtual mining rig to mine crypto.

Chibi Fighters

A turn based battle game where the winner takes all.


In this game, players collect Everdragons to compete against other players.


Players in Dragonereum own and breed different types of dragons.

What games will you try today?

With more and more blockchain games, what do you think you’ll enjoy?