guide to crypto in canada

Guide To Crypto In Canada

Do you live in Canada? Are you looking for all the best information about how to invest in cryptocurrency. We've got guides below that can help.

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5 Steps To Owning Crypto In Canada

  1. Sign Up For An Exchange
    Choose the best exchange in Canada
  2. Verify Your Info
    Using a passport or drivers liscence
  3. Purchase Your Coins
    BTC and ETH are the most popular
  4. Configure Your Wallet
    Choose the best bitcoin wallet
  5. Move Coins Off The Exchange
    Use your wallet to take ownership
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Helpful Guides To Get Started

how to setup your wallet

How To Setup Your Wallet

First you need to decide whether you want to use a hardware or a software wallet. Then you'll need to safely store your private keys.

sending and receiving crypto

How To Send & Recieve Crypto

You can send cryptocurrency to and from wallet addresses. It's quite easy to do but the way it works can be difficult to understand.

how to sell crypto

How To Sell Crypto

When you want to sell your cryptocurrency for a profit, you'll need to understand how to echange it for Fiat i.e. Canadian dollars.

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How To Buy Bitcoin

Largest market cap

Used as a store of value

BTC is the symbol

Founded in 2009

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How To Buy Ethereum

2nd largest market cap

Used to build apps

ETH is the symbol

Founded in 2013

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Best Wallets



Mobile software wallets

Desktop software wallets

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Best Exchanges




Best mobile app

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