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Cryptocurrency should be simple. Whether you’re new and looking to buy your first bitcoin, or you’re an experienced hodler, our mission is to help you through the next stage of your crypto journey.

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Meet The Team

Victor Huang

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Developer, Researcher & Writer

Victor has been researching cryptocurrencies since 2017 - analyzing the industry from the perspectives of traditional finance and tech. He is an active developer, building decentralized finance apps on the Ethereum network. Victor is passionate about educating the world about Blockchain Technology and is happy to answer any questions.

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Challenges With Crypto

The cryptocurrency space can be an overwhelming one. Exchanges, alt coins, pumps, dumps, hot and cold storage, public and private keys and blockchain. It’s a list that even the most technical can feel lost in.

Crypto is the future and in order to achieve wide spread adoption, people need to be able to understand it.

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, upgrading your wallet storage, or anything in between we're here to make it easy.

Our Story

Having been involved in crypto since the early days, we’ve seen it all. The huge highs, and the big dips. Through it all, one thing remains the same. Our passion and belief in the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies.

We believe making crypto simple is hugely important for its adoption and long term success. Over the years, our knowledge has, and continues to grow.

We have tested the major exchanges. Found the cheapest and easiest ways to buy crypto. And learnt how to securely store and take control of our digital assets. We are here to show you how to do the same.

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