In August 2021, joined Blockchain Week ran 5 annual London Blockchain Week events, from 2015 to 2020.

The annual conference had the goal of education and innovation, something we also value at Coin Companion and will aim to carry on. 

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What is Blockchain Week?

Blockchain Week is an annual blockchain focused conference that brings together the brightest minds in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Each year, world thought leaders and tech experts gather in London for Blockchain week to explore how far blockchain technology has come, and the potential it has. 

The London event was founded by Luis Carranza, who has also ran FinTech events in London, New York and Tel Aviv, before turning his focus on Blockchain and its practical applications. He then sold his company Fintech Worldwide & Blockchain Week to Dr. Jane Thomason.

Luis Carranza

Ex-Founder Of Blockchain Week

Luis Carranza is a self made entrepreneur and founder of Fintech Worldwide, Blockchain Week and Census. In 2014, Luis began his career in marketing and then transitioned to finance. Luis previously owned Blockchain week but has move on to other blockchain-based projects such as Census.

Dr. Jane Thomason

Entrepreneur & Ex-Founder

Dr Thomason built a $250 million dollar consulting company. She specializes in Fintech and Blockchain technology. She’s been globally recognized by Forbes Magazine and other major publications for using Blockchain technology to make the world a better place.

What Do Blockchain Week Events Cover?

The Blockchain Week event’s core themes cover the most pressing topics in blockchain:

  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi
  • Smart Contracts
  • Web 3.0
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Data Economy
  • Blockchain in Emerging Markets
  • Scaling Enterprise Blockchains
  • Blockchain and the VC Landscape
  • Dapps
  • AI in Blockchain

Typically, the Blockchain Week conference kicked off with a meetup. For example, in 2020, it started with the Women in Blockchain Meetup. Often there was also a multi-day hackathon event where teams competed ​​to use blockchain technology to solve problems in municipal and citizenship services. 


Of course, then there was the two-day London Blockchain Summit, where speakers including, CEO and co-founder of BTCC Bobby Lee, CEO of Blockchain Tech Ltd Guy Halford-Thompson and Richard Crook, Head of Innovation Engineering at RBS, brought the latest innovative blockchain applications to the audience.

The summit would be followed by two days of workshops, masterminds, and discussions where participants took a deeper look into the latest tech and issues that are dominating the blockchain space.

In recent years, the conference explored new ideas in an event titled the Digital Asset Summit.

The growth of blockchain has hit new heights in recent years and continuing to discuss new ideas and explore practical applications is key to the industry’s continued success.

What’s Next For Blockchain Week?

Blockchain week was picked up in 2021. Industry experts who were giving talks at the summit included Benjamin Shelts, Thomas Corby and Jennifer Schmidt.

Funding for this 2021 event was in progress. Ultimately, due to unforeseen events with the pandemic and lack of sponsorships the Blockchain week event was postponed until further notice.


Tickets were on pending presale for $147. We’ve reached out to the previous owners of the event but have yet to hear back from them.

Blockchain Week Previous Agenda

Previous events held included:

March 4th – Exclusive Launch Event

March 4th – Cointelligence Academy Community Meetup

March 4th – Bitcoin Cash Meetup

March 4th – Italy4Innovation

March 4th – Future of Finance/FWW Breakfast Meeting

March 5th + 6th – London Blockchain Summit

March 7th – Deconstructing DeFi

March 9th – NFT London Meet-up

March 9th- Women in Blockchain Meetup

March 10th – TLA Blockchain Meetup

March 10th – Digital Asset Summit

March 11th – Crypto AM Awards

We will keep you posted on future updates.